There will be no contractual postgraduate studies this year

The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine has once again changed the rules for applicants to postgraduate studies: now, to be admitted, you need to score 160 points from the general knowledge competence test block in a UEE, and the possibility of entering a full-time contract has been cancelled. The relevant changes are published in an article by the Ministry of Education and Science on its website.

Until 2022, 7-8,000 people were enrolled in postgraduate studies every year. For comparison, in 2024, more than 246,000 people registered for master’s and postgraduate programmes in the UEE, 91,561 of whom were men aged 25-60 who already had a master’s or specialist degree.

The changes are made in accordance with the Procedure for Admission to Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctor of Philosophy / Art Degrees in 2024 and are based on a Special Order of the Ministry of Education and Science.

Changes to the Admission Procedure in 2024 include:

📌 Preservation of the UEE for all applicants to postgraduate studies with a new weight of its components in the calculation of the competitive score.

📌 Setting the minimum grade in the GKT section at 160 points.

📌 The possibility of not taking a foreign language grade into account in the competitive score for postgraduate studies at the discretion of the institution.

A special Order of the Ministry of Education and Science provides:

📌 Admission to postgraduate studies in 2024 is possible only for full-time study under the state order.

📌 Increase in the number of state-funded places to 7000.

📌 The contractual form remains for part-time and evening forms that do not provide for a deferral from mobilisation.

📌 Only persons who are not liable for military service or other categories legally allowed to interrupt their studies are allowed to resume full-time education.

The Ministry notes that education should not be a means of avoiding a constitutional duty. Postgraduate studies are intended to deepen research achievements and develop the scientific potential of Ukrainian education.