20.07.2024 16

What is application prioritization?

Prospective applicants for bachelor's and master's programs often do not understand what prioritization is, what everyone is talking about, how to prioritize correctly, and why they are needed at all when applying.
19.07.2024 13

Specially organized session of the UEE!

Important information for applicants to master's and postgraduate programs - in September, the Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment will hold a specially organized session of the Unified Entrance Exam, and this is an opportunity to improve your results!
18.07.2024 22

🚀 State grants for entrants in 2024 📚🎓💰

The Ukrainian government is launching a unique program to support contract students. Here's what you need to know!
17.07.2024 19

Calculator of the competitive score for masters

Have you already calculated your competitive score for a Master's degree? If you don't know how to do it quickly and easily, we have developed a calculator for the Master's degree programme.
16.07.2024 20

Calculator for bachelors

There are a lot of questions from applicants about the calculation of the competition score. What coefficients to use?
09.07.2024 26

What should you do if I did not pass the UEE / UPEE?

What should we do if you are unable to take part in the main session of the UEE / UPEE due to valid reasons?
08.07.2024 27

Registration for creative competitions and individual interviews

NEWS Registration for creative competitions and individual interviews Registration for creative competitions and individual interviews at universities has begun! If you are applying for a creative study programme or a study programme where you need to demonstrate sporting achievements or are eligible for an interview, don’t forget to register for the competition! Registration is carried […]
08.07.2024 25

Calculate your UEE and UPEE scores

If you have already passed the UEE and UPEE and do not know where to quickly convert your scores to a scale from 100 to 200, we have already done everything!
04.07.2024 27

Registration for the Master’s degree exam

We would like to remind all applicants to the Master's programme that in addition to registering an e-cabinet, you also need to register for the professional exam at the university if you are applying for a speciality that does not require the UPEE.
01.07.2024 30

Registration of electronic accounts has begun

An important date for the 2024 admission campaign - the registration of electronic accounts for bachelor's and master's degree applicants has begun!