13.03.2024 48

Lifehack for applicants abroad

In 2024, the National Multisubject Test (NMT) for Ukrainian youth abroad will be conducted in 28 countries.
12.03.2024 56

How to register for the NMT?

The Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Justice have finally approved an important document for applicants in 2024 - Procedure for Registration for NMT-2024.
12.03.2024 45

On the unified professional entrance test in agrarian sciences, economics and management for admission to a bachelor’s degree

Innovations for applicants for bachelor's degree on the basis of a junior specialist degree, junior bachelor's degree and professional junior bachelor's degree. You now have the opportunity to take an additional professional entrance exam, which will be taken into account when forming the competitive score for admission to the bachelor's degree.
04.03.2024 44

The webinar “All about NMT in 20 minutes” is available now!

If you still have questions about the procedure for conducting and passing NMT and are lost among the piles of information, don't worry, we are here for you!
29.02.2024 52

All about NMT in 20 minutes from M8 experts

Yesterday, on February 28, M8 experts held a webinar for everyone who is currently preparing to register for the NMT, "Everything about NMT in 20 minutes".
22.02.2024 131

NMT calendar plan is here

The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine has approved a calendar plan for organizing and conducting the National Multisubject Test (NMT) in 2024. The main stage of registration for participation in the main NMT sessions will last from March 14 to April 11.
13.02.2024 84

NMT-2024 demoversions

The Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment is not trailing behind: all the demoversions of the NMT-2024 have been published and can be downloaded on the UCEQA website. The correct answers are given at the end of each test, so you can check yourself immediately.
09.02.2024 70

Schedule UEE / UPEE

The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine has published the schedule of entrance examinations for the master's degree program: Unified Entrance Examination (UEE) and the Unified Professional Entrance Examination (UPEE). Registration for the main session will last from May 07 to May 29 inclusive, and for the additional session – from June 17 to June 21.
29.01.2024 49

Fresh and free webinar for applicants

The M8 team of experts continues a series of webinars for students in grades 10-11, their parents, and everyone interested in the 2024 university admission campaign.
27.01.2024 39

Presentation 2024

Do you want to know more about the 2024 admission campaign to Ukrainian universities? Not sure where to start or where to go? Are you lost in a pile of resources? Don't worry, we have prepared a presentation "How to enroll for sure without any extra effort". Get ready and contact us!