NMT-2024 demoversions

The Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment is not trailing behind: all the demoversions of the NMT-2024 have been published and can be downloaded on the UCEQA website here in pdf format or viewed online. The correct answers are given at the end of each test, so you can check yourself immediately. 

This year, for those who want to practice taking the NMT, a special section has been developed on the platform “All-Ukrainian School Online”. How to take the test? Create an account on the platform “All-Ukrainian School Online” if you do not have one, or log in to your account. In the section “Courses”, select a course for the 10th or 11th grade, where you will go to the Demo version of the NMT-2024 tab. In this tab, click “View Course” and then “Register”, so you will have full access to the course to view and complete the test tasks. You will not have any time limits when taking the NMT at platform, and you can organize the subjects yourself. After completing the test, you will be able to view a individualized report on your progress by going to the “Progress” tab. Here you will find out how many test points you managed to score out of the maximum possible for completing tasks in each NMT subject, in which tasks you made mistakes, and which topic you should repeat or revise to catch up on gaps.

This year’s NMT will include four subjects: three compulsory subjects (Ukrainian language, mathematics, and history of Ukraine) and one of six optional subjects (physics, chemistry, biology, geography, Ukrainian literature, or a foreign language). The total time required for the test is 240 minutes with a break between the two blocks.

Do you have any questions about registration or choosing a fourth subject? Contact our specialists, and we will be happy to help you understand all the nuances!