Expert’s assistance in choosing a specialty

Not sure what profession to choose? Have doubts if your choice is the right one? Are you confused about hundreds of specialties, even though you are sure what you want to do in the future? Are you torn between several options? We offer fast and reliable assistance. Get rid of the problem of choice forever. Make sure you make the right choice. Individualized big data-based advice and information visualization just for you!

How does it work? Together with you, we identify your interests and offer you a list of majors to consider for admission. We will add to the presentation the top universities, the entrance scores for each of them, and the number of state-funded places. All information stays with you forever: you can use the presentation at any time.

The service includes:

🔷 meeting with experts;

🔷 career guidance testing;

🔷 determination of the list of specialties / majors;

🔷 5 presentations on selected specialties based on big data;

🔷 detailed information on the number of universities that are teaching each specialty;

🔷 detailed information on the number of state-funded places and passing scores for each specialty;

🔷 tuition fees at different universities.

Your success is not an accident! It is the experience and skills of M8 experts!