How to register for the UEE and the UPEE?

Tomorrow, 7 May, registration for the Unified Entrance Exam (UEE) and the Unified Professional Entrance Exam (UPEE) will begin. Registration for these exams is carried out by university admissions committees, regardless of whether you are applying for a master’s or postgraduate degree — registration is carried out by university. If you are confused about the nuances, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will help you register easily and simply!

What awaits potential master’s and PhD students during registration?

Dates (main session):

Start date: 7 May

Ending date: 18:00 on 29 May

Where to go and what to do?

Registration can be carried out in person at the Admissions Office in the presence of the applicant or remotely. Remote registration is possible provided that the applicant submits scanned copies of the required documents signed by a qualified electronic signature (QES) or Diia.Signature. Important! Registration for the UEE/UPEE is possible only once at one university, the results will be valid for admission to all universities in Ukraine.

Required documents (scanned copies):

  1. Application form (in the case of remote registration — signed by the QES / Diia.Signature). A sample application form can be downloaded here.

What to indicate?

1.1. University

1.2. The speciality to which you plan to apply. If you are considering several options of specialities, you must indicate the speciality that includes the UPEE when registering, if necessary (you must pay attention to whether the university accepts students in this speciality). It should also be remembered that you can take no more than two subject tests of the UPEE.

1.3. Surname, name, patronymic.

1.4. Date of birth.

1.5. Information of the identity document.

1.6. Registration number of the taxpayer’s account card.

1.7. Information about the level of education obtained or the educational institution from which the applicant graduated. Please note that a certificate of the planned date of graduation and obtaining a diploma is required only for those applicants whose data is not entered into the Unified State Electronic Database on Education (graduates of educational institutions with specific conditions of study — military, Ministry of Internal Affairs, etc.)

1.8. Contact telephone number

1.9. Information about the need to create special conditions for testing — for applicants whose disease is included in the list of diseases and pathological conditions that give the right not to take the external independent evaluation. The list can be viewed at the link.

1.10. The need to take the UEE (yes / no). We remind you that this year, absolutely everyone needs to take the UEE for admission to master’s and postgraduate studies!

1.11. Foreign language of the UEE (English, German, French or Spanish).

1.12. Place of residence to take the UEE.

The list of settlements in Ukraine where testing points will be established is approved by the order of the Ministry of Education and Science No. 583 of 25.04.2024 link. 

You can see the test centres abroad and the number of places on the interactive map.

1.13. The need to pass the UPEE (yes / no).

1.14. The location to take the UPEE. If 2 subject tests are chosen, they will be taken in the same city. The UPEE is not held in all cities where the UEE is held.

1.15. Titles of the subject tests of the UPEE, which are planned to be taken for the entrance exams (no more than two)

1.16. Conditions for obtaining an examination paper in case of remote registration (in person at the Admissions Office or by postal address)

This is the main document confirming registration for the UEE / UPEE, and the applicant must appear at the testing centre with it.

1.17. Indicate your name and surname and sign.

1.18. Indicate any additional documents (copies).

2. The identity document specified in the application form (passport or international passport — for citizens of Ukraine). It is this document that the applicant must bring to the test centre.

For successful registration, you must send scanned copies of both sides of the ID card or 1, 2 pages of the passport if there are pasted photos on 3-5 pages, they must also be sent) or a page of the passport with a photo (first spread)

3. A document confirming the information on the registration number of the taxpayer’s account card specified in the application form (taxpayer’s card, or passport of a citizen of Ukraine with the TIN entered in it, or birth certificate with the TIN entered in it, or a certificate of assignment of the identification number of an individual taxpayer), or a document confirming the reason for not entering information about the number into the questionnaire (for citizens of Ukraine who have refused to accept the number in accordance with the procedure established by law — a passport of a citizen of Ukraine with a stamp of refusal to accept the number).

4. Depending on whether you already have a diploma or not, you should submit the following documents to confirm it:

  • You have already obtained a diploma (bachelor’s, specialist’s or master’s degree) — submit such a diploma.
  • You have not yet completed your studies and will receive your diploma in 2024:

a) if you are completing your studies at a regular educational institution, no separate document is required;

b) if you are completing your studies at a military educational institution (Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Internal Affairs, etc.) — a certificate of the planned date of completion of studies and obtaining a diploma.

5. If there are grounds: documents confirming the applicant’s right to create special conditions for passing the entrance examinations using the EIT technology (form 086-3/о)

6. Photographs for documents measuring 3×4 cm (or a file in .jpg format with an image aspect ratio of 3×4, no more than 1 MB in size).

If you are confused, don’t worry, contact us now, we will take care of all the difficulties!