Registration for creative competitions and individual interviews

Registration for creative competitions and individual interviews at universities has begun! If you are applying for a creative study programme or a study programme where you need to demonstrate sporting achievements or are eligible for an interview, don’t forget to register for the competition! Registration is carried out through the applicant’s electronic cabinet. To do this, you need to:

✅ log in to the electronic account;
✅ choose a university;
✅ select a competition offer;
✅ choose the stream of the creative competition or interview (time and date convenient for you);
✅ submit an application for participation in the creative competition or interview.

You need to wait for confirmation from the educational institution and additional instructions (for example, a link in case of remote testing or an address in case of in-person testing).

Do not forget that each university has its own requirements for the creative competition and interviews.

To participate in the competition for the state funded program, you need to register by 10 July inclusive!

What majors are covered by the creative competition?

🎯 017 Physical Education and Sports (physical ability competition)
🎯 021 Audiovisual Arts and Production
🎯022 Design (in the specialisations Graphic Design, Fashion Design (Footwear), Environmental Design, Industrial Design)
🎯 023 Fine arts, decorative arts, restoration
🎯 024 Choreography
🎯 025 Musical art
🎯 026 Performing arts
🎯 191 Architecture and urban planning

Positive results of NMT are required in any case, but their weight will be minimal in the case of admission to creative specialities.

Who is eligible for admission by interview? Can’t register? Contact us, we will help!