Prioritising applications with an expert


We will help you understand what priority is when applying. We will tell you all about the broad-based competition and how it affects your admission. We will help you to fill in all the fields correctly when submitting an electronic application and submit it together with you. The cost of the service is calculated for one application. You are one click away from your goal! Order now!



The application is a mandatory element of your admission, and it is impossible to get into a state-funded program without properly prioritized goals! What is a priority? It is your choice of the future. Applications for state-funded programs are submitted with an indication of priority, that is, taking into account your desires – from your dream to a backup option. How do you know if you are ready to apply and have made the right decision? How to apply without any extra effort? Only with us! We will calculate your competitive score, analyze the results of admission campaigns over the past 5 years, set all 5 budget priorities with you, and provide professional advice on how to apply on a budget and how to be safe.

The service includes:

🔷 meeting with an expert;

🔷 determination of the applicant’s desires;

🔷 consultation on prioritization according to NMT or EIT scores;

🔷 joint submission of an application form through an electronic account with prioritization and uploading a cover letter;

🔷 support until the application form’s status is «Admitted to the competition».

Your success is not an accident! It is the experience and skills of M8 experts!

*The service does not include the verification of privileged documents.