Basic consultation for applicants for bachelor’s


Your guide to the admissions process. Not sure where to start? Confused about universities and specialties? Do not know what the next step should be? We will tell you and show you everything. Order a basic consultation and find everything out about the main stages of the admission campaign to Ukrainian universities in 2024: what to look for, what documents to prepare, where to look for the necessary information, and how to start your own path to successful admission. Our experts are ready for you. You are just one click away from success. Order now!



The basic consultation is your starter package for the admission campaign! Order now and learn about the main aspects of admission in 2024, where to start, what not to forget, and what to pay special attention to!

The basic consultation includes:

🔷 guide to the admission campaign “8 steps to the goal”;

🔷 the main mistakes during the admission process;

🔷 the main aspects choosing a university and specialty;

🔷 the concept of priority of applications;

🔷 coefficients used in the admission campaign;

🔷 one presentation of the university with a thorough analysis based on big data (at the applicant’s choice) – information about the main activities, specialties, educational programs, international relations, employers, and much more;

🔷 one presentation of the specialty with a thorough analysis based on big data (at the applicant’s choice) – top universities, passing scores, number of applications submitted, number of enrolled, and this is just the beginning;

🔷 answers to all the painful questions you already have!

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