Complex consultation on admission for PhD + registration for the UEE

Are you applying to a PhD program? Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you everything. Our experts will work with you to understand all the nuances of applying to a PhD program in 2024 – from exams registration to preparing the necessary documents. We will help you register for the Unified Entrance Exam (UEE) and explain all the pitfalls on the way of future post-graduate students.

The service includes:

🔷 meeting with an expert;

🔷registration for the UEE – from checking and preparing all documents for registration to providing an exam sheet for testing;

🔷 advice on passing the UEE and professional guidance on how to prepare for it;

🔷 demonstration versions of the UEE for preparation;

🔷 explanation of the peculiarities of entering the postgraduate program at the chosen institution;

🔷 determining the next steps.

Your success is M8!