NMT calendar plan is here

    The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine has approved a calendar plan for organizing and conducting the National Multisubject Test (NMT) in 2024.

     The main stage of registration for participation in the main NMT sessions will last from March 14 to April 11.

       Testing will take place during the main and additional sessions:

  • Main: May 14 – June 25;
  • Additional: July 11-19.

    Until April 15, a registered participant will be able to make changes in their personal account (change the subject of their choice to another one or change the location in Ukraine / abroad in which he or she wishes to take the NMT).

    During the additional period (May 10-15), persons who were unable to do so for valid reasons during the main registration period and those who registered during the main registration period but were denied registration will be able to register for the NMT during additional sessions. Changes to registration data can be made until May 19.

  Starting from May 08, registered participants of the main NMT sessions will be able to download from their personal accounts invitations, which will indicate the date, time and location of the NMT. Participants of the additional sessions will be able to find out the date, time, and location of the testing from July 8. For security reasons, detailed schedules will not be published.

    Information on the results of the main sessions of the NMT on a scale of 100-200 points will be posted in the personal accounts of participants by July 2, and additional sessions – by July 26.

    Are you ready to choose your fourth subject and register for the NMT? If not, please contact us and we will help you!