How to register for the NMT?

The Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Justice have finally approved an important document for applicants in 2024 – Procedure for Registration for NMT-2024.

How to register this year and what to look for?

✅ All applicants must create an NMT participant account on the website of the Ukrainian Centre for Educational Quality Assessment. Registration will start on 14 March at 9:00, so do not try to register before then.

✅ At the first stage of registration, applicants must indicate the registration number of the taxpayer’s account card, surname, name, patronymic (if any), date of birth, details of the identity document (passport, ID card, international passport, driver’s licence) – series and number.

✅ You must also provide a valid phone number and email address that you have constant access to.

✅ All applicants choose the category “current year graduate” or “graduate of previous years”, the fourth subject (biology, or geography, or foreign language, or Ukrainian literature, or physics, or chemistry) and the locality in Ukraine or abroad where they plan to take the NMT, as well as the language of the certification subjects (Ukrainian or languages of national minorities (Crimean Tatar, or Polish, or Romanian, or Hungarian), if they have the opportunity to take them).

If you are abroad and continue to study remotely at a school in Ukraine and will receive a complete general secondary education this year, do not select the category “in a foreign educational institution” during registration, instead select “in an educational institution of Ukraine” from the list and upload a certificate from the place of study on obtaining education in a domestic institution.

✅ At the second stage, you need to upload scanned copies of the required documents (.png/.jpg format, size not exceeding 1 MB), such as an identity document, a document confirming information about education, and a document with a taxpayer registration number.

If necessary, the following documents are also attached:

  • certificates of change of name and/or marriage certificates and/or divorce certificates (for persons whose documents contain discrepancies in personal data);
  • notarized translation into Ukrainian of documents submitted for registration (for persons submitting documents in a foreign language);
  • medical documents that give the right to create special conditions for the NMT.

✅ After processing the documents, regional centers must inform about the results within 7 days. Check your account for information. If the registration is successful, you will be able to generate a certificate of participation in the NMT-2024.

Till April 15 in your personal account you will be able to make changes regarding the following:

  • the subject of choice in which the applicant wishes to take the test;
  • the location in Ukraine or abroad where the applicant will be staying on the days of the NMT;
  • information about the need to take the NMT during additional sessions.

Good luck with your registration! If you have any questions, we will be happy to register you without any extra effort and nerves!