Invitations to the UEE and UPEE are in participants' accounts

Invitations to take the the UEE and UPEE are now available in the personal accounts of the UEE and UPEE participants on the website of the Ukrainian Centre for Educational Quality Assessment. Participants of the upcoming tests for applicants to master’s and postgraduate’s programmes can find out where they will take the UEE and UPEE and at what time.

How do you find out where and when you will take the UEE and UPEE?

  1. Follow the link –, find the number of the exam paper and the PIN on your exam paper at the top.
  2. Enter the number and PIN in the appropriate fields.
  3. Perform a simple mathematical operation and log in to your account. On the “Examination location” tab, you will see the place where you will take the exam, the exact address and time.

We would like to remind you that all those who have not registered yet can do so from 17 to 21 June inclusive. In this case, you will take the test in an additional session from 31 July to 14 August. Not sure how to register? Don’t hesitate to contact us!