UEE / UPEE: Additional registration

Didn’t have time to register for the UEE or the UPEE? Don’t worry, you still have a chance – an additional session will be held from 17 to 21 June for all applicants to master’s and PhD programmes who wish to register. No supporting documents are required to qualify you for registration. You just need to prepare a package of required documents! If you are planning to register for the additional session, you will take the test from 31 July to 14 August. Don’t worry, you’ll be in time!

Algorithm of actions:

💡 Decide on a speciality (especially if you need to take the UPEE).

Decide on the foreign language for the UEE – English, German, French or Spanish of your choice and the subject tests of the UPEE (if necessary).

💡 Decide on the city where you will take he UEE or the UPEE – be careful, the additional session is planned exclusively in Ukraine.

Fill in the application form for registration fo the UEE or the UPEE.

💡 Prepare scans of documents – passport (ID-card on both sides or passport-booklet – 1, 2 pages, if the second and third photos were pasted – the corresponding pages with marks, passport – first page); identification code; a document on previous education (bachelor’s, specialist’s, master’s degree) or a certificate of completion of studies (for those who will receive a bachelor’s degree in 2024, such a certificate is taken at the university where you study), in case of a change of surname – a marriage certificate or a change of surname.

💡 Prepare a photo for the documents (one colour photo on a light background, as for the documents).

💡 Apply to an educational institution that conducts admission to a master’s or postgraduate programme.

💡 Get an examination sheet – a document with which you will come to the test and with which you will receive invitations in your personal account on the website of the Ukrainian Centre for Educational Quality Assessment.

Or you can do it easier – contact us, we will do everything simple and easy!