On the unified professional entrance test in agrarian sciences, economics and management for admission to a bachelor's degree

Innovations for applicants for bachelor’s degree on the basis of a junior specialist degree, junior bachelor’s degree and professional junior bachelor’s degree. You now have the opportunity to take an additional professional entrance exam, which will be taken into account when forming the competitive score for admission to the bachelor’s degree. This innovation applies to applicants for specialties in the fields of agricultural sciences, economics and management.

What do future applicants need to know?

  1. Professional entrance exams are voluntary. Applicants who want to improve their competitive score and consider their professional knowledge more important than general education subjects can register for them. The results of the exams are taken into account in the formula for calculating the competitive score. If you register, you have to come to the test, so evaluate your chances and opportunities in advance.
  2. It is not mandatory to take a professional entrance test. Applicants who do not register for this test can enter the university based on the results of EIE or NMT.
  3. The specialties for which professional entrance exams can be taken include agricultural sciences, economics, management, culture and art, social and behavioral sciences, public administration and administration.
  4. To calculate the competition score, a formula is used that takes into account subject grades, weighting factors, results of a creative competition, the score of a professional entrance exam, and points for successful completion of preparatory courses at higher education institutions. For an example, see our infographic.
  5. Registration for professional entrance exams is carried out from April 19 to April 30 during the main session, and from June 10 to June 14 for participation in the additional session. The exam sessions are scheduled from June 24 to 27, and the results are announced by July 08. The additional session is held from July 15 to 19, and the results are announced by July 29.

We wish you success in your preparation and admission! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate, we are here for you!