Admission procedure-2024: Public discussion

The Ministry of Education and Science has published for public discussion the draft Procedure for Admission to Higher Education in 2024. This is the main document that determines the course of the admission campaign, all its nuances and features. Until January 31, everyone can submit their proposals for consideration by the Ministry of Education and Science. What are the main changes for this year’s applicants?

  • The National Multisubject Test (NMT) will include four subjects — three will be compulsory (Ukrainian language, mathematics, and history of Ukraine), and one will be optional (out of six possible). The NMT will become mandatory for all specialties, including creative and sports.
  • The total number of applications will be reduced to 15 (5 can be submitted for the admission on a state-funded basis and up to 10 for the admission on a personal fee for all forms of education and all levels of education).
  • For applicants for the specialties of Law, Public Administration and Management, International Relations, Pharmacy, Industrial Pharmacy, Dentistry, Medicine, Pediatrics, the competitive score cannot be less than 150, for applicants for all other specialties it remained within 130 for admission on a state-funded basis.
  • The Unified Entrance Examination (UEE) has once again become mandatory for admission to master’s programs in all specialties.
  • The privileged categories have also changed: some of them have expanded, while others have narrowed.

After the public discussion, the Ministry will have to make the necessary changes and finalize the document. It is from the moment the Procedure for Admission to Higher Education in 2024 comes into force that the active phase of the 2024 admission campaign begins.