Admission «All in»

        Do you want to take the stress out of the admissions process? Are you tired of dealing with hundreds of regulations? Is it difficult to keep everything in your head all the time so as not to miss an important moment and do everything on time? Do you just want to protect your nervous system from unnecessary stress? We’re here for you – order an admission “All in” and try to relax in the summer!

What is an admission “All in”?

        We go through all the stages of the admission campaign, monitor changes in legislation, and make sure that everything is done on time. From registration for the NMT to enrollment in the desired institution, we will take care of everything!


🔷 Expert explanation of all the nuances.

🔷 Expert assistance in choosing a specialty and university.

🔷 Expert preparation of all necessary documents.

🔷 Expert submission of all applications together with you.

🔷 Expert assistance in writing a cover letter.

🔷 Expert assistance in signing documents with QES and confirming the place of study.

🔷 Saving you time and effort.

🔷 Your personal expert is in constant contact with you.

        How to order? Contact us, we will explain everything!

*The service does not include verification of privileged documents.