All about NMT in 20 minutes from M8 experts

            Yesterday, on February 28, M8 experts held a webinar for everyone who is currently preparing to register for the NMT, “Everything about NMT in 20 minutes”. The webinar recording will be posted on our YouTube channel very soon, but for now, we have prepared a list of highlights and a short presentation for you!

  • This year’s NMT includes four subjects, three of which are compulsory for everyone (Ukrainian language, mathematics, history of Ukraine), and the fourth can be chosen depending on the applicant’s specialty and knowledge (Ukrainian literature, physics, chemistry, biology, geography, foreign language – English, German, French or Spanish).
  • Everyone from high school graduates to college graduates will take the NMT. Even if you have a bachelor’s or master’s degree, NMT is required for admission to a bachelor’s degree program.
  • The NMT in 2024 will be divided into two blocks of 120 minutes each with a 20-minute break.
  • During the break, you can drink water, have a snack, use personal belongings, but it is forbidden to use any gadgets.
  • The NMT will be organized in all regional centers of Ukraine (except for the temporarily occupied territories) and abroad.
  • The NMT will be taken in a computer format at special testing centers.
  • Registration for the NMT will last from March 14 to April 11, and you can change your registration data until April 15.
  • To register, each applicant must create a personal account on the website of the Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment. To register, you must prepare a package of documents (scanned copies).
  • By May 08, information about the place of the NMT for each potential applicant will be available in the accounts.
  • The main session will be held from May 14 to June 25.
  • The results in the form of the number of test points obtained will be available on the screen immediately after the test. To overcome the pass/fail threshold, you need to get at least 15% of the maximum number of test points.
  • NMT participants will get the results on a scale from 100 to 200 in their offices by July 02.

         Do you have any questions? Not sure how to register or what documents you need? Our experts are ready to help you figure it all out!